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Honey For Sale
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Lorge Honey For Sale


The honey for sale from Lorge Honey is some of the most delicious honey that money can buy. Do we sound predjudice? You're right, we are, but not just because we produce it. Do a comparison yourself from store bought honey, to ours.

Honey For Sale - The Lorge Honey Farm has the very best pure honey for sale - Give your family that great taste and the health benefits of our quality honey.

The reason our pure honey tastes so much better is that we do not mess with mother nature's product. Each time you add another process to honey, you are sacrificing not only taste, but the honey health benefits are diminished as well.

Our "Premium Private Label" honey for sale is a delectable clear honey that will thrill your taste buds each and every time you use it. This honey is above "Grade A" quality and will please even the most demanding family.
The Wisconsin series of honey for sale includes Clover, Wildflower and White honey. Quality is assured in these varieties as they are also above the "Grade A" measurement.

While there are many companies with honey for sale, all of us at Lorge Honey will stand on our reputation of being one of the top producers of pure honey in America. This is also why our bee colonies are sought after for purchase.

We know that there are a lot of places to buy honey. We are thrilled that you are considering our honey and we can tell you from our experiences, that you will not be disappointed with our honey for sale.

Consider buying different varieties to find your favorite. It's kind of like coffee, as everyone has their distinct favorite blend. Variety is the spice of life. When you buy our delicious products you too will appreciate all the benefits of honey in your everyday life.

We thank you for your business and remain in your service,

The Lorge Honey Team

Lorge Honey Bears-Four 12 oz Bottles
Lorge Honey Bears-Eight 12 oz Bottles
Lorge Honey Bears-Twelve 12 oz Bottles
Please use the form below to order or inquire about our prices and available shipping options. Lorge Honey online store is coming so check back for updates.