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WELCOME to Lorge Honey and Capital Hill Farms. Our Wisconsin Heritage starts with our Immigrant and Homesteading Ancestors from Germany, France, Scandinavia, England and Wales, the Old Country coming to The New World, America, The Land Of Milk And Honey.

Farming is in our blood, living on the Land, working the Land is our Family Heritage. Robert and Charn Lorge purchased Capital Hill Farms in 1996 which is situated right in the Village of Bear Creek, in Northeast Wisconsin.

The original settlement of Welcome Wisconsin was carved out of this farm until the Railroad starting calling the train depot Bear Creek because a little old lady used to get off the train just past where Bears could be seen crossing a Creek.
The Village Water Tower seen in the background of our Farm commemorates this with the words Welcome Bear Creek. Lorge Honeybees and started in earnest in February 2007, after reading about Colony Collapse Disorder killing off Honeybees all across the world and threatening one third of our food supply and realizing that we had noticed less and less wild bees in our Apple, Cherry, Pear and Plum Orchards and decided to get a few honeybee hive colonies.

After that, the fascinating World of the Honey Bees quickly became our passion, and we decided to go commercial, pollinating Cranberry and other crops, migrating our bees around America, making specialty honey like Orange Honey in Florida and Gallberry Honey in Georgia, and of course making Lorge Honey like our Premium Private Label, Wisconsin White Honey, Wisconsin Clover Honey, Wisconsin Wildflower Honey, Wisconsin Northwoods Honey, Southern Spice Honey blend, Florida Orange Honey, Georgia Gallberry Honey and Comb Honey, Chunk Honey, Apple Blossom Honey, Blueberry Honey, Cherry Honey, Organic Orchard Honey and other high quality products of the Honeybee Hive.
Lorge Honey is 100% Real Honey. Unlike many imported and generic brands of honey that may be adulterated and diluted or mixed with corn syrup or rice syrup from the Honey Laundering cheap and illegal imports, our LORGE HONEY IS MADE IN AMERICA, The Land of Milk And Honey.
We take great pride in placing our Lorge Honeybees in quality farm and wilderness forests and fields so that our Honeybees can go out and forage for fresh nectar and pollen from flowering plants and orchards like our own home farm that has 8 varieties of mixed clover making great honeybee pasture and forage since well fed bees are healthy bees that make the best honey.

We inspect our colonies of bees regularly to make sure they remain healthy. On a sunny day this can be done bare handed without bee suits opening up our hives of friendly Honeybees who are so busy working and gathering pollen and nectar to make Lorge Honey that they do not even bother us. At other times, especially when harvesting the honey we don our space suits which are our fully enclosed beekeeping suits which prevents the bees from being able to sting us, and we gently smoke them with natural cedar and pine needle smoke to quiet them while we work harvesting their honey. (The Bees we are sure call this Robbing them of their surplus honey.) We take the beautiful white wax capped frames of Honeycomb heavy with golden translucent honey in the Supers (Surplus Honey Hive Boxes on top of Superior above the other brood chamber hive boxes) back to our Honey Barn at Capital Hill Farms where we process it.

This process begins by uncapping each honeycomb cell on the frame honeycomb with our modern stainless steel equipment, where the honey can now drip out of the comb, where the frames are then put in our stainless steel extractor (Centrifuge) where the honey is spun out of each cell, cold filtered to remove any plant or wax shavings and collected and stored in stainless steel 1,000 gallon tank or barrels and pails for bottling and labeling in our Lorge Honey Bears and placed in our shipping boxes to be shipped to you.

We do not pasteurized our Lorge Honey with intense heat like many packaging and processing plants do since this destroys many of the good enzymes found in honey and discolors the honey and can ruin even the flavor of honey. All of our Lorge Honey is 100% Real Honey, Made in America, The Land of Milk and Honey.

We are committed to saving the Honeybee and promoting Honey For Sale products by helping to grow Beekeeping in Wisconsin and America and the World.

Lorge Honey dba: Capital Hill Farms
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