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LORGE HONEY Bottled and Distributed by: Capital Hill Farms 501 West Willow Street  Bear Creek, Wisconsin 54922  Phone: 1-920-739-8080
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Best Honey


We can honestly say that the best honey is our Lorge Honey. You will never find our honey being adulterated, mixed or diluted. Lorge Honey is 100% real pure honey and it will stay that way. 

We have the Best Honey - Straight from the Lorge Honey Farm to your door - Discover Lorge Honey products and give your family the best. Come On Over Today!
We take great pride in placing our honeybees in quality farm, wilderness forests and field areas. This is to insure that our honeybees can gather fresh nectar and pollen from flowering plants and orchards. Take our farm as an one example. There are acres of eight different varieties of mixed clover which yields a pasture and forage that promotes healthy honeybees.

Well fed honeybees means healthy colonies, honey health and the very best honey. We are constantly inspecting our bee colonies to be sure that they remain healthy and productive. This is a must so that we can produce the best honey and keep the hives at their ultimate level of health.

At harvesting time, we gather the surplus honey and transport it to our Honey Barn at Capital Hill Farms. Our honey barn has dairy board white walls and epoxy white floors and ceilings. The processing equipment is stainless steel. This is all done to make sure that we can pass the highest food grade standard and then some.
The next part of the process involves uncapping each honeycomb cell on the frame honeycomb using stainless steel equipment. The honey can now drip out of the comb. Next, we extract the remainder using a centrifuge where the honey is spun out of each cell.

The honey is now ready for cold filtering. This will remove any plant or wax shavings. We never pasteurize our honey as this can destroy the many beneficial enzymes that make the best honey and honey nutrition. We trust nature got it right and we won't attempt to alter that.

Storage is next in line. The honey is then placed in 1,000 gallon stainless steel tanks which will then be bottled and labeled. Our best honey is now ready to ship to you and your family. If we have put a smile on a face, then all this work to produce the best honey made in America, is worth the effort. We invite you to visit our honey farm to learn more about us.

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